From idea to high-end product

Pioneering machinery designs are rarely based on existing standards. They originate instead from innovative ideas. System partners accept the requirement of translating the ideas here into viable machine concepts.

This is exactly what BENZ provides: We deliver ingenious solutions and innovative refinements at a high technical level, both for components as well as individualized, complex systems. Describe your requirements to us and we will find the right solutions. And that goes far beyond just engineering. As your partner, we accompany and support you throughout the entire process, from brainstorming to inspection of the final machine. Give us a challenge!

Multi-spindle heads

Multi-spindle heads are typically used for bringing together multiple machining operations to reduce operating times.

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Motor spindles

The motor spindle is the heart of the machine. BENZ offers a variety of power classes and dimensions.

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Multi-axis technology

BENZ has a variety of multi-axis components that work flawlessly with your existing solution.

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