Modular quick-change systems

For quick tool exchange in < 20 seconds.

Modular tooling has become one of the great progressions of the metal tooling and CNC programming landscape-- in large part because of the way it has revolutionized tool exchange and replacement. At Benz Tooling, we specialize in modular CNC tooling systems that allow for easy and efficient build outs of replacement or enhanced CNC machining. With our quality modules for CNC machine tools, you’ll save thousands when compared to the costs associated with replacing metal parts or your entire precision machine. There is a way for metalcutting to be smarter, and metalworking to be more efficient. It starts with tooling systems like ours.

What makes a modular CNC tooling system important for your production machinery

The basic principle and the key advantage of the modular tooling system is that the tool adapter and tool holder can be preset and made ready for use outside of the machine while the machining process is in progress. These adapters can be very quickly exchanged without the need to replace all of the CNC equipment. With Benz Tooling’s turnkey modular CNC tooling systems, your CNC machines never have to be taken out of commission to repair or replace. Instead, our quick change tooling can simply be swapped in for broken or worn parts in minutes. This saves you time, money, effort, and even potential lost profits from having to sideline your equipment otherwise.

In the manufacturing industry, time saved is money earned-- and you simply won’t find another time saving product quite as effective for your CNC machinery.


How will a tooling system work with my current machining operations?

Whether you operate a CNC boring machine, a CNC engraving machine, a CNC milling machine, or just about any other computer aided, numerical control system, our modular tooling systems can be customized to work smoothly and efficiently with them. The modules we create are precision crafted for ultimate compatibility with a number of industrial tools, and our commitment to working with each and every customer individually means you’ll be hard pressed to find a metal working tool or an advanced machine you use that we’re not able to outfit. When it comes to precision machining, we understand that effectiveness relies in large part on the processes you have in place. That’s why we take the time to create custom solutions that integrate into your current workflow. You can trust the craftsmanship of our products to complement a high performance machine, and precise actions like precision measuring won’t skip a beat when adapters are changed. We’ve mastered the art of precision manufacturing, and our CNC tooling systems demonstrate our expertise.


What makes our tooling system stand out in the machine tool industry

Besides the fact that our tools, tool accessories, and machine parts are backed by our satisfaction guarantee, there are a number of factors that make our product one of the best on the market for machining centers worldwide. Some of those factors include:

  • Modular design thanks to base unit and interchangeable inserts with various tool holders
  • Minimization of set-up times and non-productive times / increase in productivity by changing the preset tool in seconds
  • Lower investment cost since fewer base units are needed overall because the base unit stays on the machine and only an adapter change is necessary
  • Simple handling thanks to easy operation without special tools
  • Operator safety thanks to fail-safe protection

If you own or operate a machine shop or machining center and are in need of a tooling system that affords you more time for less money, look no further than Benz Tooling. Our systems work great with milling tools, turning tools, high speed machining, and all types of machine tool technology. Additionally, no matter your CNC tool design or the machines used in your current workflow, we can create a system that works effectively!


3 high-performance systems:

BENZ Solidfix®

Modular fast exchange systems for fast tool exchange under 20 seconds with compact construction and high precision.

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Increase the efficiency and quality of your production with the modular BENZ CAPTO™ quick-change system for CNC units.

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BENZ Nanofix®

Modular exchange interface BENZ Nanofix® for use with minimal spindle distances and the tightest conditions.

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