Stationary multi-spindle head for machining metal

Multi spindle heads for metal machines can transform a metal contractor’s capabilities. With custom multi spindle heads designed by quality manufacturers like Benz Tooling, the opportunities for combinations that meet the requirements of virtually any metalworking job are possible. Be they small, compact heads with just two spindles, or larger, more robust heads suited for multi-spindle XXL units, similar or diverse machining operations can be completed in no time at all when you equip your machinery with custom multi spindle heads.

 At BENZ Tooling, we offer interchangeable and fixed-flange (stationary) multi-spindle heads in a wide range of configurations-- and we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure we create the perfect spindle heads for the machine that needs them-- be it a turning machine, a boring machine, a grinding machine, or something else.

  • If its a spindle head for a precision machine that you need, we can do that. 
  • Looking for a high speed spindle that will amplify the use of your current precision machining lineup? No worries. 
  • Need multiple spindle heads to help deal with more high volume projects? Consider it done.

Using proven standard components as a baseline for any machine spindle we manufacture, we create optimal multi-spindle solutions for customers looking for precision parts for their machine tools.


Why you need multi spindle heads for your CNC machine and other tools

Ask any machine operator or machine technician that works with any machine tool what his number one goal is on every job, and he’ll likely tell you that it involves optimizing efficiency. Quality multi spindle heads easily work with grinding machines, drilling machines, other CNC machines, and even entire machining centers, making combinations both versatile and effective. Where a CNC machinist may typically have to switch from machine to machine and employ a range of products to complete projects, he can save time and money by using our interchangeable or fixed-flange multi spindle heads instead. When it comes to return on investment in the metalworking industry, the more efficient you can become, the more you can accomplish-- and our multi spindle heads can quickly turn three, four, five or more machines into one.


What makes our multi spindle heads different

At Benz Tooling, we’ve been involved in manufacturing custom tooling solutions for decades. No matter whether it’s machine tools, milling machine or drilling machine equipment, machine parts for programmable units or something else, we’ve had a hand in manufacturing some of the finest machine products available today. Offering a full range of machining services, we are one large scale manufacturing company that still maintains a keen eye for detail. This makes us particularly adept at delivering high quality, long lasting products like multi spindle heads with precision engineering qualities that are a cut above the competition. No matter the machine configuration, our spindle heads can be designed to fit and perform at maximum efficiency. We offer multi spindle heads at a number of different speeds and fixed and adjustable distances, and we have the capacity to further customize spindles and spindle heads based on the requirements of the customer’s CNC machining.


Examples of stationary multi-spindle heads