More than a turret

BENZ Hybrix is a rotating tool carrier system (magazine) with a fixed housing. The main components of the magazine are one or more stationary motor spindles with an automatic tool exchange system.

More than a turret - BENZ Hybrix is more than just a tool turret. BENZ Hybrix combines the product characteristics of a magazine and a turret.


1. Magazine function - Rotating cutting
Tools are taken out of the carrier system. Forces and torques are generated or introduced by the motor spindle.


2. Turret function – Stationary cutting
Staying in the carrier system and introducing forces and torques to the system

Video: Function - Automatic tool exchange



Product characteristics:

  • Motor spindles as drive unit
  • Maximum motor length due to lack of coupling
  • Roller bearings in a spring-block design
  • Central media feed
  • Option: System control
  • Option: Automatic equipment


  • Approx. 30% higher power density than in a tool turret
  • Higher limiting speeds (approx. 40%)
  • Precision and flexibility
  • Cost-effective and space-saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Less moving mass when rotating
  • Fewer roller bearings (no powered tools)
  • Pitch errors are irrelevant
  • Options of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) and cooling lubricant (CL) are possible without any restrictions
  • Process reliability
  • Process optimization thanks to a high degree of automation
  • Service-friendly thanks to modular design
  • Customer-specific adaptations are possible


The technology is suitable for all machine types. Versions in a star (single-row, multi-row) or crown design are possible.

Other configuration parameters

  • Performance throughput/forces and torques
  • Number of spindle rows
  • Number of tool places
  • Additionally in the single-row star and crown version: Linear stroke (magazine or motor spindle), tool clamping (direct or indirect)