Metal Tooling

BENZ, Inc. specializes in the sales and service of BENZ future-oriented CNC tooling systems for metal lathes and metal milling machines. Metal tooling products include innovative live tooling and static tools, angle heads, multi-spindle heads, spindle speeders, large-scale drill heads, 5-axis heads, and modular quick tool change systems.

Metal Broaching Tools

We offer broaching tools for a variety of metal machining purposes. The BENZ LinA changes the rotary motion of the live tool turret into a linear motion, allowing for broach and spline machining on turning centers. The LinA can cut in seconds what a traditional lathe would take minutes to do. The LinS tool system is a one-of-a-kind system that enables programmers to broach splines, torx, hex, and keyways on their centers.

Angle Heads

BENZ offers a variety of fixed and adjustable angle heads, which are designed to minimize downtime and allow the machining of complex and inaccessible parts. BENZ fixed angle heads utilize X-Line Gear technology which offers higher rpm and torque, with longer tool life. BENZ C-axis angle heads are designed for the aerospace industry and are useful for jobs which require multiple angles with one head. Adjustable angle heads adjust easily to tricky angles, and once in place, can not be knocked out of position. The Angle Heads are also available in small to large custom sizes.

Metal Tooling Spindle Speeders

BENZ spindle speeders are high-speed attachments that utilize a 1:5 gear ratio which increases spindle speeds up to 40,000 RPMs. Designed for high-speed drilling, they are capable of light 3-D milling in some applications. BENZ Spindle speeders are offered in two variations, Type SL and Type SLI which utilize different cooling systems.

Modular Quick Tool Change Systems

Our patented BENZ Solidfix and alternative BENZ Capto quick tool change systems for metal tooling systems enable the user to change tools in 15 seconds, reducing setup time by 90%. The Solidfix allows for precise and repeatable cuts and the Capto is best used for heavy-duty machining.

Live Tooling

BENZ makes high-quality live tooling for lathes and machining centers. Utilizing the Benz durable X-line Crown Gear allows for a smoother running, and quieter tooling system, with higher torque and RPMs, while producing less heat.

Custom Metal Tooling

With three decades of custom metal tooling experience, BENZ is equipped with the expert problem-solving CNC engineers needed to help solve whatever metal machining issue you are facing. All BENZ custom metal tooling is user-friendly, rigid, and incredibly precise.

Tool Maintenance and Service

In addition to these tools, we provide service for a variety of metal machining tools, including right angle heads, multi-spindle heads, live tooling and static tools, broaching tools, large drilling heads, and modular quick-change systems. BENZ service experts provide fast, and professional analysis of tool damage, and provide repair recommendations within five (5) business days. All reconditioned BENZ aggregates receive a renewed one (1) year warranty. General Metal Tooling Maintenance is also available upon request.

German Engineering and American Sales, Support and Service

For more than 30 years, BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme has been recognized as a leading tooling system resource for the Metal, Wood and Composites Industries. BENZ Tooling is known for high quality and innovative precision engineering.

Reliable BENZ live tools, quick-change systems and other innovative CNC accessories, as well as service, are available from our BENZ Inc. North American headquarters in North Carolina.


"I have completed my review and testing of these BENZ live tool holders and I must say that the initial evaluation findings are that they are far superior to your competitor’s holders from several key points - fit and alignment, easier installation into collet holders and smoother running at operational speeds. Additionally, the torque tightening values are much better due to the improved rigidity of the complete unit. We are thoroughly impressed with the engineering of the BENZ unit and support we have received throughout this process."

Bill Watson
Senior Production Engineer
JTEKT Automotive, Morristown, TN

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