Express service at a fixed pricing

Shorter downtimes

When your production comes to a standstill due to a damaged unit, minutes count. To get your machine running and productive again, we offer you the express service: the repair of your unit at a fixed price.

In doing so, we quickly determine the critical issue without detailed diagnostics and replace defined parts. You will receive your unit back within 3 working days.

Quickly solved: your benefits

  • fast repair at a low fixed pricing
  • short downtime of the unit
  • high machine availability due to shorter standstill and in turn lower production costs
  • only OEM approved gears, bearings and lubricants are used
  • we guarantee the return of your unit within 3 working days
Assign express service
  1. fill in online form
    you will receive a confirmation email with an express sticker and a link to upload images.
  2. upload images as required
  3. pack the unit securely, print out the confirmation e-mail and enclose the shipment
  4. attach express sticker to the package so that it is clearly visible.
  5. send to BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme | Werk I | Im Mühlegrün 12 | D-77716 Haslach i.K., Germany 
  6. repair, report and return shipment

Our service team will contact you after receiving the express form to discuss the further procedure directly with you.

Your service contact wood

+49 7832 704-8600

BENZ GmbH Werkzeugsysteme
Im Mühlegrün 12
77716 Haslach, Germany