BENZ receives Lea Award

Together with Club 82, the manufacturer of tool systems supports the "We for you" project, in which persons with and without disabilities join in their volunteer activities.

On July 3, 2018, BENZ was awarded the Lea Award for medium-sized businesses for exemplary social commitment in the New Palace in Stuttgart. The manufacturer of tool systems, based in Haslach im Kinzigtal (Black Forest), has been involved in volunteer activities together with Club 82, a leisure club for persons with impairment, in the "We for you" project that connects persons with and without disabilities in volunteer activities. The project, which was initiated in 2015, supports charitable institutions or the environment in multiple annual campaigns in the area around Haslach, Germany.

"The award is a great appreciation of the voluntary commitment of our employees and the members of Club 82," says Nadine Uhl, Director of Marketing at BENZ. Since its launch, the cooperative project has involved itself with various campaigns. For instance, it organized a toiletries drive for a food pantry, helped out with spring cleaning, supported the Ortenau Hospice Service for Children and Adolescents as well as having organized an afternoon family gathering for refugee children. The environment benefits as well, for instance from activities with a recycling background component, such as the collection and donation of well-preserved used clothing.

Anybody can participate, with or without disability

Anybody, no matter with or without a disability. can do something on behalf of their fellow human beings or for environmental protection. Volunteer commitment does not necessarily have anything to do with one's own constitution, but rather with a one's will to do something and to get involved with a good cause. With this approach, BENZ was able to win over the expert jury of the Lea Award for Medium-sized Businesses. The medium-sized business came out on top among 290 contenders and was awarded the coveted Lea lion in the "150 to 500 employees" category. Since 2007, the two denominational welfare organizations Diakonisches Werk (Protestant) and Caritas Deutschland (Catholic), as well as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing of the state of Baden-Württemberg, have bestowed the award annually on small and medium-sized businesses with a credible social commitment.

In the presence of 400 guests, the minister, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU party), the Protestant regional bishop, Prof. Jochen Cornelius-Bundschuh, and the Catholic archbishop of Freiburg, Stephan Burger, handed the award to the following: Marco Huber, Managing Director of BENZ, Nadine Uhl, Director of Marketing at BENZ, and Beate Schwab, Klaus Matt, Peter Dold and Erika Harter of Club 82. Dr. Karla Mahne, deputy mayor of the city of Haslach, was also present.

The award for medium-sized businesses in recognition of social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg is, by the number of its participants, the largest competition in the country rewarding corporate social responsibility activities (CSR) of small and medium-sized businesses. With this award, Caritas Deutschland and Diakonisches Werk in Baden-Württemberg as well as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing recognize the volunteer charitable and social commitment of these companies. The award, which does not come with money, has the motto "Performance - Commitment - Recognition."

"All companies that have competed for the Lea Award for Medium-sized Businesses within the last twelve years demonstrate clearly that they actively assume responsibility," said Urs Keller, member of the High Consistory and Chair of Diakonisches Werk Baden, in the New Palace on Tuesday night in the presence of the 400 invited guests. Regional bishop Stephan Burger adds, "It is vital to get involved wherever one lives and works, as do the companies that are with us today. In this way, they are often pioneers and models of responsible corporate government."

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