Introduction of the management team

Melanie Schöner


Melanie Schöner has been responsible for the commercial management of the company as Chief Financial Officer since 2017.

Her career at BENZ Tooling began with a dual study program in business administration, after which she immediately took on a great deal of responsibility. Since 2004, she has been in charge of the commercial training management and the supervision of the DH students. In 2017, she was also appointed as overall training manager.

Her professional passions are financial accounting, controlling and the development of young talents. Various roles and functions in these areas have solidly established Melanie in her highly responsible role as CFO.

Helmut Gallus

Head of Operations

Helmut Gallus took over the role of Head of Operations at BENZ Tooling in October 2021.

From his position as team leader and product line manager electronic industry at Bosch Telekom and Elcoteq, to operational management in mechanical engineering at HOMAG – the data processing technician has a proven track record of many years of success in the industrial environment. 

Helmut's in-depth knowledge and practical experience in project and lean management as well as his focus on cross-site value creation strategies form an excellent basis for the way BENZ successfully plans, controls and optimizes its operations.

Michael Kempf

Head of Sales

Michael Kempf has been responsible for Sales, Marketing and Product Management at BENZ Tooling as Head of Sales since 2021.

The mechanical engineer discovered his professional passion at an early age. He consistently pursued this passion and became part of BENZ Tooling in 2011. Initially working in technical sales, he was assigned additional tasks in the area of product management. His responsibilities grew steadily. So he took over the management of Commercial Sales, later extended by the management of Sales International as well as Sales Asia and also leads the teams Product Management and Marketing.

Thanks to his ambition and versatility, which Michael has demonstrated in various positions over the years, he is driving forward the strategy for the company's growth.

Christoph Zeller

Head of Research and Development

Christoph Zeller has been Head of Research and Development at BENZ Tooling since 2009.

Christoph is considered a BENZ institution, as the mechanical engineer has been part of the company for more than 35 years. After an internship as well as various vacation jobs, his professional path in our company began in 1988. His appointment to the position of Technical Head with Prokura in 1996 clearly demonstrates the confidence in Christoph's abilities to leave a lasting technical mark on the company.

Together with his team, he constantly faces the central questions: "Do we develop the right product?" and "Is the product being developed in the right way?" and thus drives innovations forward.

Photographer: Ralph Reister, BENZ Tooling. The pictures were taken during productive operation.