Express Service

For quick turnaround time

Like new – in record time

When your production comes to a standstill due to a damaged unit, every minute counts. To get your machine running and productive again, we offer our
Express Service: the repair of your unit at a fixed price within 48 to 72 hours.

We quickly determine the critical issues, change out the required parts and test run the unit. You will receive your unit back within hours.

Your advantages

  • Short repair times at fixed pricing
  • Minimal unit downtime - reduced machine down time
  • Continuous machine productivity as the result of a quicker turnaround - keeping your production costs down
  • Only OEM-certified gears, ball bearings and lubricants are used
  • And we guarantee you that you will have your unit back within 48 hours

Would you like to order an express repair? Please follow these steps:

  1. Package the unit safely and securely
  2. Print out the repair slip (pdf), fill it out and enclose it with your shipment
  3. Please address the package exactly as indicated on the repair slip

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